For schools

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in South West London can work with your school in a variety of ways.

Want to find out how the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy South West London can help your school? Get in touch.

Give all of your students access to drama and help them to develop their skills in communication and social confidence.

We offer the following types of programs and support:

  • NEW! Resilience & wellbeing workshops

  • Taster workshop days

  • Weekly PPA cover provisions with our creative curriculum

  • Tailored curricular topic workshops (e.g. History, Literacy, PSHE)

  • National Shakespeare Week workshops

  • Anti-Bullying Week workshops

  • School Assemblies

  • Support with your school production

  • Exclusive afterschool clubs at a discount rate for parents

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NEW! Resilience & wellbeing workshops

A bespoke programme for children of all ages, designed to develop students’ wellbeing, friendships, and emotions through fun theatre workshops.

  • Designed for the post-Covid world

  • Up to 4 1-hour workshops

  • Resilience, self-esteem, social skills

  • Flexible to fit around your school's requirements

Taster workshop days

These discounted workshops are designed to introduce our programme to you and the children in your school. All we ask is you allow us to distribute letters for the children to take home to their parents explaining what we do and where local classes are.


We will visit your school and conduct the workshops, which last approximately one hour each and usually include the following aspects of our unique curriculum:

  • Introductory Warm-Up Activities

  • Speech Exercises  

  • Mime to Music

  • Creative Improvised Drama  

  • Snippets (Partner Work)

These can be arranged for a mutually convenient time and we can offer classes to all primary age groups.

Topic or Curriculum Workshop Days

Our tailored workshop days will take students on an immersive adventure which will tap into their imaginations and spark their learning!


Students will take on various roles throughout the workshop, possibly meet characters along the way and give a short performance of their own based around the topic at the end of the session.


We carefully tailor a topic of your school’s choice which can excite students to learn and engage their imaginations.

Exclusive Weekly Afterschool Clubs

Drama clubs can be delivered specifically for the students of your school, either after school or at lunchtime and would follow our regular curriculum for up to twelve weeks of each school term. Lessons are made up of the components you will have seen in our taster workshop lesson using a progressive curriculum which is updated regularly to ensure it continues to interest and stimulate the children.  

We are happy to offer these classes to your children at a reduced rate which we will discuss with you should you decide to take this route.  

Specialist Cover for PPA Time

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is able to offer a programme of study, delivered by a qualified and experienced teacher over a period of time.  Our unique curriculum is structured to improve children’s confidence and verbal communication, through exciting drama lessons.  

We can attend your school on a weekly basis to teach classes throughout the term. A series of ten or more lessons can culminate in a short presentation for the school and/or parents.

We would be happy to show you our curriculum and discuss the possibilities further and how we could meet your PPA time requirements.